Non-Profit Organizations

works with non-profit organizations in the area of fundraising, gala’s, benefits and charity events. We are committed to serving the community by aiding non-profit organizations in their attempt to provide for others by fundraising and charity events.

As fundraising professionals, we will guide you through the entire fundraising fundraising, operational and even through the night of the event. We work closely with the client to evaluate past events and plan future events. We will help you identify the best way to solicit prospects, help develop and execute a plan to cultivate and solicit them effectively. We show the client how to setup an orderly system to help with charity events and benefits to help with the collection of pledges. Most importantly, we help create a unique system of donor recognition a system that builds a stronger relationship with donors.

  1. Develop a campaign plan:
    Will detail work and campaign structure needed to complete personal solicitations of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees; current and lapsed donors; and new individual, corporate, and foundation prospects. The plan will include timetables and campaign-related marketing and publicity plans.

  2. Conduct prospect identification and review sessions:
    Identify donor prospects and determine appropriate asking strategies and donation amounts.

  3. Design prospect cultivation programs:
    Prospects are to be engaged in and involved with the Foundation so that they develop a sense of "ownership" of and its mission.

  4. Develop membership gift levels:
    Incorporate benefits and privileges to donors for corresponding contributions. Those giving benchmarks will also relate to specific programs and services made possible by donors' support.

  5. Produce and package certain programs and services:
    Ongoing programs and services and new and desired endeavors will be reviewed, summarized, and prioritized by need. Help to identify the most likely prospects for those underwriting and sponsorship opportunities based on past experience, prospect contribution guidelines, and the degree to which recognition and credit for support is desired. Assist in the development of full proposals for funding to the appropriate prospects. 

  6. Provide training and orientation for volunteer solicitors:
    Personally work with solicitors to assist them in feeling comfortable with their role as a solicitor. Ensure they have the best and most complete tools possible. Train and advice solicitors on how they should ask for money.

  7. Assist in preparing planning, organizational, and marketing documents:
    These include a fund-raising budget, a case for support, funding proposals, letters and executive summary. They are all required for successful implementation of any fund-raising program.

  8. Provide ongoing counsel and direction: Full hands-on management of the campaign.