is a full service event marketing and fundraising consulting company, specializing in high level corporate functions, strategic marketing, including social media marketing and fundraising throughout the World.  

 e² is business-driven, entrepreneurial-minded marketing and business firm that is relentlessly driven to accelerate the growth of our clients. For nearly a decade we have applied our marketing knowledge that has served as a powerful catalyst for:

  • Taking companies of all sizes from one level of business to the next.
  • Introducing new companies and their products/services to the marketplaces.
  • Reviving companies that have lost their forward momentum.

Digital-age technology is revolutionizing the way companies communicate with their existing and potential customers, and has been on the cutting edge in testing these new avenues and successfully incorporating them into our clients’ marketing plans.

When our firm goes to work for you, we effectively become an extension of your company. Many of our long-term clients will attest that they view us as a partner and trusted confidant and not just an outsourced marketing provider. The ultimate compliment comes in the form of the numerous referrals we have gained from existing clients.